Thursday, May 24, 2018

Decorah Eagles webcam we watch in class:

The 8:10 am bell (First bell) to go to your locker and unpack your things. If you arrive at school before 8:10 am, please go to the cafeteria and wait for the bell.
• School starts at 8:18 am 

 • Have 3 sharp pencils every day. Write your name on them if possible.
• ( Optional) Bring a water bottle and two healthy snacks every day. One snack for the morning, the other snack for Choice Hour
• Bring a chapter book every day. We have silent reading from 8:18 am until 8:25 am.


Language Arts:
  • Study your Adventure Story sheet

4th Grade Mathematics:



  • ( Homework and Remembering book)-often shorten math problems to focus on key concepts taught in class.
Be sure to complete your assignments on ThatQuiz. The link is below:

Social Studies:

Science Homework:
Study your vocabulary words

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